Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Took the Night Off

I took last night off from the layout.  Sometimes you need to...mainly because I'm still not sure what to do with the cloud problem I have.

Spent a few minutes stopping by The Train Shoppe to see what my friend Randy was up to.  If you haven't been by the new place, you really should go.  Its very nice.  The were taking down the Christmas train ride (7.5" gauge live steam riding train) and starting to build scenery.  Randy was working on a layout in the back.

The only thing I bought were some Micro Brushes.

These are handy gadgets.  I'm finding myself using them more and more.  They come in a variety of sizes.  I paid $4.90 for 25 each.  Most hobby shops carry them.  Looks like you may can get large quantities at a Beauty Supply company, in boxes of 100.  They are great for glue application, paint and for delicate clean up.

Someone asked me about O scale stumps.  Years ago I used to make them, and I sold the business to Dr. Ben's.  He still sells them.  The reason I thought about this is someone posted a comment on an old blog page of mine:

This brought back memories.  I miss my old workshop.  My current one is not nearly as nice as the old one. Wow, my daughter was so little...and was modeling with me even back then!  I love blogging...its a great way to keep track of memories.

Have a great day...I'll be fixing clouds tonight or tomorrow.

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