Monday, January 14, 2013

001 - Unadilla Valley Railway - Switching Layout

My buddy Jack got a switching layout from my friend Mark and he wants to dabble in some HO.  He is a Z scaler, so I figure he can handle HO with the best of them.

I posted the picture sideways so you can get a better feel for it.

Jack writes:

Hi, Scott,
I've attached a photo of the module.  For reference, it is HO and is 6' by 2'.  I plan to fix it up a bit and to use it for switching & operations practice.  I have a GE 70 Ton switcher painted for the small railroad that operated in my home town.  The Unadilla Valley Railroad.  I'm building a craftsman caboose for the very same railroad.  It's one that I played on as a kid!  I have several buildings, depots, etc that I can place as industries.  It should be fun!  If you need other photos or specifications, let me know.  I really appreciate the help on this scheme.


I took a look and this is a neat little railroad.  I'll give it some thought this week.  I'm working on Rick's final design and will kick this around on Thursday.


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  1. I love switching layouts and love the U&V! How is this coming along? Also, is there a town that this is modeled off of? I've always enjoyed Bridgewater where the UV and the DL&W shared a station...


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