Tuesday, January 1, 2013

016 - Richlawn RR v2 - Meeting of the Minds

I met with Rick today on his track plan (below).   Looks like he's very happy with the plan so far and its operating potential.  Goodie!

I've asked him to give me the dimensions of the closet and another large industry to incorporate into the railroad to make it more interesting.

I'm going to develop two other industries that can ship on line to others on the layout, to provide more interest.  We also decided to use the left wall, lower section for more warehousing operations, so the mainline may move to the left and disappear under buildings.  I'm going to start hammering out the Brewery and the West L'ville trackage.  I don't like the West L'ville track at all.

We agreed to put in a curved turnout to lengthen the sidings for the Grainery.  That way the business could take unit trains of five cars each, having five unloading and five empties for pick up.  The area in West L'ville may remain open for a town, and the Team Track may be shortened.

Still have lots to do, but the heavy lifting is over.  I told Rick that he could actually start building benchwork as the track plan won't affect it much.

Good news!

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