Sunday, January 20, 2013

038 The Augusta Railway - Need More Support

The more that I look at the end of the layout, the more I know it needs support.   So let's add some!

I didn't want to move the light switch for the room.  Probably one of those things that I'll regret later, but for now it stays.  Because of the switch I was trying to leave this section un-braced so that you could easily reach the switch.  Unfortunately this section needs a little more propping up, so we'll have to add an angle brace.

Basically we are going to do the same thing as we've done before, but we will have a shorter brace that is not at a 45 degree angle.

Here is the new brace mounted...very strong now!

I painted the screws orange and checked the leveling one more time.  Perfect!

I know I have a lot of track, so that is a good thing.  What I don't know is what do I actually have and what do I need.  So I dug out the track box.  It is very heavy!

After borrowing another long storage box from the wife I decided to divide out the box into two boxes; track I need for this layout, and track that is for other purposes.

You know you are a rubber gauger when you have Gargraves 3-rail in the collection.  Actually, I think I have some of every track made, at least a few pieces.  This comes in handy when working on someone else's equipment, or building displays.

Hey!  HO brass!  Didn't know I had any of that.  Ok, now we have three boxes; use, keep and scrap.  I'll take the scrap box to the next meeting and give it away or trade it for a soda.

O, On3, On30, HO, HOn3, N, and tons of varieties of each.  We'll keep some of each, and all of the On30.

As the "use this" box fills up, I've got a lot of HO code 83 track.  Some is Micro Engineering, and the rest is Walthers.  I have some concrete tie track, so I'll either swap it for more wood tie track, or use it in the hidden trackage area.  All  the Walthers turnouts are DCC friendly, and there are crossties and rail of each code.  Plenty of cork, too.  More than enough to get started and possibly enough for the whole layout.

I put the track in the box and sat it under the benchwork on the floor for next weekend.  Not sure exactly what I need, but it is very little.  It will take almost two months to get the track in, so if I need something I can pick it up easily at Warren's Train Shop who carries Walther's track.

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