Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seventh Year Blogging, 14th Year of the Model Railroader's Notebook

Wow, has it been that long?

The Model Railroader's Notebook is now 14 years old.  It started with a website, now disconnected, and moved into the Blogosphere in 2006.  It moved to the new blog site in 2009 and has been there since.

That is a lot of writing and blogging!

At this time I've posted just shy of 9,000 photographs.  I've taken over 10,000.

My best guess is that I've written somewhere close to 2,202 pages of text.  That is about five books worth.  You'd think I'd write more magazine articles and books!  Maybe we do that in 2013.

Hope you enjoy the failures, tips and tricks all these many years.  Expect more to come!

Thanks for being a part of my fun time!

Scott Perry
The Model Railroader's Notebook

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