Wednesday, January 2, 2013

029 The Augusta Railway - Clouds, a Warm Up

Painting isn't like getting back on a bike.  You do lose your touch!  I need to get my strokes back.  Taylor and I visited Hobby Lobby with our handy 40% off one item coupon and bought some paints.  Time to make clouds!

Look at all the pretty colors!  Really I need four different color paints to make the clouds.  Each tube on its own is about $5.00.  That would be $20, less 40% off of them.  There was a whole paint set (shown above) with every color you could want for $27, less 40% off.  I bought the set.

We'll also need a selection of brushes, a pallette or two, a big tube of white, and a Ball Jar!  No, the Ball jar is for water.  A MASON jar is for moonshine.  The Ball jar is thick and heavy, so it is good for rinsing or wetting brushes.  Not in the picture are some wet and dry rags.

We want to practice strokes and techniques, so Taylor and I used her gray painted board and my portable easel.

Yuck!  Our first attempts are bad, especially when we wet the surface a bit.  However, it did give us a change to play with the new brushes to see what worked, and to play with the Liquitex Master's Touch acrylics.  They dry VERY fast.  Almost too fast.

So out of all of that, i got one cloud that I like.  Keep in mind its on a gray background.

Tomorrow we get out the sky test board and give the cloud technique a try!

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