Tuesday, January 15, 2013

037 The Augusta Railway - Planning

While traveling I began to plan how to put in the roadbed.  The horrible temptation is to get track installed as fast as possible so that you can run trains.  We will resist that temptation!

So, while I'd like to knock out track...I think I better stop and think a bit.

I'm not quite through planning the wire phase (pun intended) so we can wait on that.

Scenery doesn't attach to hardboard very well so I need a rear profile board with wood blocks.  That may should be next.

I should put in the hidden staging tracks, but I might install them on clear plexiglass instead of wood so that you can see a derailment easier.

I think the roadbed should be cookie cutter out of 1/2" plywood for this small of a layout.  I like spline, but it doesn't give me good places to sit structures like plywood.  Think I'll wait until I get home and draw it out.

Never rush...always put thought into the next step...even if you are in a hurry.

I am....this time!

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