Wednesday, January 9, 2013

034 The Augusta Railway - Clouds in the Sky, Part II

I'm not a perfectionist.  Far from it, in fact.  So why don't I just forget about the three little clouds that look like sperms?  Cause they look like sperms.

Tonight...I fix dat....

See!  They do look like sperms.  Or whales.  Yuck.  Tonight...I fix dat...

These are the same clouds.  Wow...big difference!   I made them thicker, bigger, puffier.  Then I came back with a little gray and white, and gave them some body by shading the underneath.  Later I went back with a little pure white and touched up the middle of the clouds again.  I love this!  For me, it is awesome!

The cloud on the left has some gray shading added...and I touched up the others as the paint would dry.

A little more white in areas...just a touch here and there....

The camera made a it looks odd, but this cloud looks pretty good.

Really I like it.  Making clouds just takes some practice.  I'm not that great...but if I can do this much, you surely can do even better!  Here you can see the overall effect, which, when you stand back and take it all in, looks just like puffy South Georgia clouds.  I'm happy!

I'll let these clouds float in the air overnight and come back and see them tomorrow.  My guess is I won't mess with them anymore.  We'll call it "done!"

The clouds look good enough that the layout will be enhanced by them, but not so good that everyone wants to look at clouds and ignores the trains.  A good background needs to be in the middle somewhere.

I'm still picking little brush sables out of the clouds.  What a pain.  Always use white brushes!

Our project is complete.  Time to get the benchwork installed and let's get to laying track.


  1. I wish we were having clouds like that lately.... Its been nothing or complete overcast to dense fog for the last 3 week. Looking good. Can't wait to see track getting laid.

  2. Its snowing like crazy I think Friday night through Sunday is benchwork installation and Bourbon!


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