Sunday, January 6, 2013

031 The Augusta Railway - Beginning Benchwork

Hello Train fans!   Today we are beginning the benchwork.  I still have some clouds to paint, so it won't be installed, but we want to get the main parts built.  At night I can saw because the kids are asleep so any massive amount of cutting has to be done mostly on the weekends.  The Mighty Thayne 13 The Viking will be coming over to help me with the two person jobs of installing the L-girder and other things.

Here's what we are building:

Here is how the benchwork will look.  This is a simple open grid system that is easily removable.  It is supported along the back wall with an L-girder and on the front with legs or angled supports.

The framework consists of three sections, numbered 1 to 3, from right to left.  The order of construction will Section 2, which is very easy and straightforward.  Section 2, the blob, is next, as it has a very critical cut next to the fireplace.  Finally we'll build section 3, which we'll hold off on final dimensions until the other two are cut and set into place, since it has to be an exact fit.

Most of the dimensions are on the grid pattern, and the rest of them are listed on this plan.

Section 1 has to be precisely fit between the long wall and the fireplace, which is jagged rock.  We'll cut that board first, then build from there.  As you can see there are several properly spaced boards in this section that help support the trackwork.  None of them have to be critically placed.

Section 2 is very easy, although the 30" spans are spaced out at odd dimensions in order to support track and to avoid Tortoise switch machines.

Section 3 is the last section.  Once we have the other two sections in place, we'll make some final measurements and cut this one to fit.  There are some tricky angled cuts in this one, so it could take some time.

We start making sawdust at 10:00 am Mtn Time.  The first work will be the L-girder and to cut some temporary legs for support.  I've  printed out copies of the dimension  have the coffee pot on, and am going to turn on the kerosene heater in the garage since it is 5 degrees outside.

What fun!


  1. The track and girder plans look terrific but how about the legs and under carriage structure?

  2. I haven't quite decided to cantilever or make legs, so they were never drawn. I like cantilever because I vacuum and clean under the layout easy, and I have dust issues. Legs make it easier to work under the layout and provide better support. The good news is...I have to decide tomorrow because I'm installing them, one way or another. Two feet of snow here, so I'm not going outside.


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