Tuesday, January 1, 2013

027 The Augusta Railway - The Sky is Falling!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   May you and yours be blessed in 2013!  My New Year's Resolution?  Lose some weight and finish two NMRA A/P Certificates!

The sky is falling in drips on the walls and carpets!  Oh well...

Marie and Taylor have agreed to help me make a mess of the basement by painting the backdrop today.  Its my last day of vacation, so it has to be done.  After feeding them a good lunch with an awesome chocolate desert, I'm getting large amounts of cooperation!  My first chore is to test the paints and the mixing/blending technique to see how it works.  I'll use one of the small boards that Taylor primed a couple of days ago.

Wow!  Even my sloppy job came out looking great!  It looks like the sky in South Georgia!  I was worried a little about the paints because I bought the cheapest paint possible.  The good thing is that it doesn't cover great and doesn't dry fast; both properties I was looking for!  I painted the board 1/3rd white on the bottom and 2/3rds blue on the top, then took a 2" brush loaded with white paint and blended them upwards and downwards.  I've got a bit of an arc here, so I'll be careful not to do that on the big board.

I've set up the camera to automatically take pictures, though I'm still having trouble with the light settings.  Camera's are too smart, and taking their brains off line is tough.  I've got on painting clothes, and did remove my shoes.

Here we are painting.  Marie is painting the white first coat (we'll need two coats of white to get it to cover, but that is ok) and she's off to the right.  Taylor is helping by painting some and mostly running around with a wet rag getting up the drips that Daddy is causing because of his lousy painting skills.  Ok, we all have to have areas of improvement, and mine is painting large canvases!  I painted the blue strip at the very top where the roller doesn't evenly go.  The blue will only need one coat, and if a little gray shows through, well, that is kind of normal in Georgia.

Taylor has a rag waiting for Daddy to mess  up.  So far, so good.  Paint stays wet a long time which will be a big benefit in the long run.

Top and bottom have a coat, so we'll let them dry.  The blue gets darker when it dries.

 I like the colors...they work fine.

Next, later today, we'll come back with another coat of white, and 2/3rds coating of blue.  Marie will put on the base coats, and Scott with two brushes and two small paint cups will come behind and blend them together for the horizon.

Stay tuned!

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