Friday, September 30, 2011

Tool Control

 Tools are starting to get scattered.  Normally this isn't a big problem in a small room, but when my daughter is here the sharp tools are a major concern.  I got out my tool caddy that I bought many years ago from Pep Boys and put it together.  This is a fantastic tool.  It elevates over the layout and I can keep everything together, plus get some needed extra light.

 I walk through the room and gather up most of the sharp objects and adhesives.  We'll try to keep them on the table.  Taylor knows not to mess with things on this table without training.

 Here I've switched the Tippi hot wire cutter to a square blade that I use for digging.  We are going to dig out the rough shape of a grade on Section 3, up near the turntable pit.

 Using slow and easy passes I gently dig an upward slope in the foam along the track line, making two passes.  One pass for the left hand side of the track, the other for the right.

 I keep digging and digging, making a slope on the side of the track location.

 More goes, but not too much.  We'll later take a Surfoam tool and grind it down to a gently slope.
Done...or at least roughed in.  I'll have to take some more out, but we'll wait for that.

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