Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Foam at Home - Part 2

A thousand pardons for not posting some clever or insightful comment about 9/11.  To me it is a painful memory that I just don't want to re-hash right now.

Time to put the benchwork back together!

 With a slight pop of a hammer the legs go into place.  In order for my daughter to be able to help, I'll need to leave off the leg extensions.  This puts it at banquet table height, which is good for me as well because I can sit in a chair while I lay track.  Yes, I'm hand laying the track.

 Taylor opened up the C-clamps that I bought for attaching the modules.

 The first two are a bit tricky as I don't have a short leg to hold the first module up.  The wife had to come help.

 The four are test fit...a little short but ok.

 We were missing a few of the clamping pads so I glued them in position and then mounted the clamps.

 While it looks like a peaceful evening the photos don't show that we had very loud rock-n-roll music going on.  The wife caught us dancing.

 Here are some of the orange painted clamping pads that Taylor made about a year ago.

There!  Just right for Taylor and ready for some work.  We'll need to put in the rough elevations with foam sheets (the six sections we cut out) and start shaping it up for some track work.

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  1. Scott,
    You're rolling along now! It's great to see that you have got the sections back together. Can't wait to see the progress!



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