Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Foam at Home - Part 1

Taylor and I have big fun working on the railroad and after the Wasatch Division meeting today I felt I needed to have some fun playing with the layout.

 Taylor used the Module #4 as a template to draw out six foam sections on 1/2" foam stock sheets which are 4' x 8'.

 As Taylor draws them, Scott cuts them out with a hot knife.

 One by one we get them done.

 Daddy shows the daughter how to move slow and steady.  Taylor cut several of the semi-circles on her own while being carefully supervised.  She is quite good at it but tires easily.

 Here are some of the semi circles.  After we cut out several we realized that this foam, unlike the other foam I'd used, has a sheet of plastic film on both sides.  We had to stop and pull the plastic off each section.

Scott uses one of the foam sections as a pattern, which is easier to handle than the module section.

 Cutting foam with a hot knife is slow work.  One of the things I'm learning about building a layout with a lot of curves is that it takes significantly longer to do than a square layout.  Everything also has to be much more precise and if you miss a cut, you throw the piece away.

 Taylor thought it was funny that my feet were sticking out while I was cutting.

The basement is nice and cool tonight and we have the fan going.  We produce six sections.

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