Thursday, September 29, 2011

Underground Roadbed

I had a little extra time, so I put in the base roadbed in the hidden trackage section.

 This area is below the upper level, so it is a hidden track.  Mostly it is a section for allowing the point to point layout to be a continuous running loop for exhibition.  I need to raise the roadbed, so we'll take a piece of scrap foam and build it up.

 Here I've rough drawn the trackage.  Using a box knife (or utility cutter as it is properly called) I slice through the foam and "break" it loose.

 Here we test fit the new foam roadbed.  Perfect!  I glued it down with a foam adhesive.

 Taylor used a piece of foam and towel to clean up the extra glue that seeped out under the roadbed.

 I noticed that one part of the 2" foam had broken away from the benchwork.  I probably didn't glue it properly in the first place, so using the foam glue I re-glued it back in place and used some handy Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette Magazines (the best magazine on the market about model trains) to hold it down while the glue set.

There is a grade from the riser block down to the pier, so I grabbed a spare piece of foam that was already cut in a semi-circle and test fit it for the grade.  I'll glue this in place and later shave it down with a Surfoam tool.

Using the foam glue, it is in place for good.  We'll carve it some other time.

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