Sunday, September 25, 2011

Risers On The Storm (The Doors)

Tonight we did a little foam work.  Ignore the photos as Taylor is still learning and getting better.

 The next step for getting us to track work is to put in the risers at the end of each module.  This is the start/end point of the track on the section and they need to be precise.  Here I'm check the foam to make sure it is lined up.
 Each section of the module needs to be lined up carefully.  There are of course faults in the benchwork that will have to be worked out.

 The foam is pretty deep, so we'll have to cut through it in sections to install the risers.

 I had forgotten that my large poster size layout drawing was now out of date.  Using 3rd Plan It I printed an updated copy that has the riser heights on it, corrected for the 2" foam base.

 Using a chop saw and some 2x2 stock, I cut two of the risers.  These will match the risers already installed on section 3.
 Using my handy 40% off coupon, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought another hot wire cutter.  I loved the one I had before, but I broke it.  While wiping the wand/wire off with a rag I was too vigorous as I pulled away from the handle during the wipe and pulled the wand out of the base.  @$@$.

 Carefully I measured again to make sure that the riser was in the proper position, then drew around in onto the foam with a Sharpee marker.  If you don't have a box of Sharpee's...go get them now.  This is where I'll cut out the foam.  The riser will be glued to the top of the benchwork.

 Then I draw around the second one.  Normally I used Elmer's Wood Glue, but for some reason I can't find a bottle anywhere.  It's like losing the peanut butter jar. 

 The two riser blocks are ready to be installed using regular Elmer's White Glue.  Notice the other riser is below the foam level.  That is by plan.  We'll carve down the ramp to the block some other time.

 !@#$!@#$ and double !@$@$.  The new hot wire cutter I bought won't even turn on.  Not even warm!  I paid $17 for this silly thing.  And now I can't find the receipt.  Not my day.  Back to the super dependable Tippi Hot Wire Cutter.  You MUST buy this one!!!

 Just a few brief seconds to heat it up and the way...turn on the fan.  You won't want to breath the fumes from the melting foam.

 And the wire is not hot...I use a special extension cord when using the hot wire cutter.  It is heavy gauge and grounded.

 See the fan?  Be sure to use one, especially in a room that is tightly sealed.  I also have a window open.

There!  I cut out two squares in the foam and glued the risers in.  If they look unlevel it is because I unfastened the section next to it and it is a bit lower.

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