Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Risers on the Dixie Donut

I have some time today.  Just got over a very bad case of food poisoning while on a trip to Chicago.  Barfed on a Delta plane for the first time.  I actually got sick on three different planes.  Nice little payback to Delta for all the crappy service over the years.  Feeling better, but needed to rest.  Trains = rest.

 The Pit Boss says we need to finish the risers so we can get some trains running.  I agree...

 First, we need to clean off the cabinet so we have a place to work.  All of this was put in its proper place.

 The steam loco was put on the stairs so I'd remember to take it to the Train Shoppe later.  Taylor, Katie and I ran it down later that day to have Randy put in a DCC system.  I'll pick it up in a few days and start thinking about a paint job.

 The band director grabs a ruler and the plan (always keep your plans handy) to think through this evening's work.  Today - risers!  The bright red clipboard is great for keeping plans and notes together.  I can spot it easily and that is important as paper plans tend to get scattered all about.

 Walking tall?  Not exactly.  Sheriff Buford Pusser here examines his only remaining 2x2.  There are some knot holes, but it is perfectly straight.  This will do for the risers.

 Each of the risers was checked against the plan.  I use a steel rule and a square to mark each cut in the shop.

 A nice straight line for this 2 inch riser.

 Bad shot, but I told Taylor to stay back.  I'm using the DeWalt to make a very smooth and precise cut.

 Notice I have on my safety glasses.  I'm sure you ALWAYS wear yours, right?

 Yes, there is a law against baggy pants now....but you can still wear them at home.  I've lost some weight.

 Each riser is carefully measured and cut.  The high speed saw makes quick work of it.

There!  A family of risers, each marked with its dimension and location.  Next....assembly!

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