Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Riser Action

Let's put those little boogers in...

 First we'll add the other set of risers to Section 4.  Taylor has decided to color while I do this step.

 I made sure the areas were clean and free of foam.

 Then using a bottle of Elmer's Wood Glue (I finally found the bottle) we'll mount these to the benchwork.

 The risers are not quite level, but that doesn't matter.  Before we put the track on we'll sand them to a slight angle to match the track grade.

 The next ones are between Sections 4 and 1.  I've not drawn them so we'll have to figure out where they go.  A few clicks on 3rd Plan It and we have a print out with the dimensions.  We'll measure them and draw them on the benchwork.

 Once I have them located we draw around the riser with a Sharpee (you did buy a box full, right). 

 Dr. Pepper is required in large quantities while working on the layout.  This used to be bourbon, but having kids has rescued me from my wandering eye and wicked, wicked ways.

 With the foam removed by using a serrated edge knife, the areas are ready for assembly.

 On the Section 1 side we'll have to carve away the 2" thick foam using the knife.  Careful!  You CAN and PEOPLE DO slice their hands doing this.  Go slow. 

 A one gallon shop vac is a necessity for working with foam.  Keep your area clean or you'll have pink foam pellets on you at work tomorrow.

There!  All the soldiers are glued in place and standing tall.  We'll leave them for a few days to dry thoroughly.

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