Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#006 07 Clear Creek Timber Howe Truss Bridge - Corrected Drawings

Before I go too much further I want to make some corrections to the drawings.  Now that I have a print out I can see some things I need to fix.

  1. On drawing #1 of the trusses, some are two truss sets, some are one.  But they are different from one side to the other.  So I'll need to mark these on the drawing.
  2. The nbw's on the base of the bridge are holding rods and are not bolts.  These need to be the 3" variety and need to be increased in size on the model, like the ones on top of the bridge.
  3. Align nbw's on the base with the nbw's on the truss sides.  They should all match, but a few don't.
  4. On trusses, remove lines where the trusses cross.
  5. Draw in the queen posts.

Tomorrow I may take a break from drawing and work on the Doctor's Office model.

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