Thursday, March 25, 2010

AP Program Mentoring 015 Scott Perry - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

While at home laying in bed and coughing I've had plenty of time to plan and think. Tried working on models but the cough medicine makes it hard to focus.

The mail came today with my information from the wonderful NMRA Kalmbach Library. If you don't use this asset, you are REALLY missing out. Our researcher Thomas Mossbeck sent me a stack of photos of the Colorado & Southern's Clear Creek Canyon Timber Howe Truss Bridge. So nice to have good prototype photos sent to you for just and email and a $3.25 copying and postage fee. Especially when owning the books would have cost me $200.

I really got interested in this bridge from Harry Brunk's book called Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge. It is one of the most fun books I have and is full of his fantastic pen & ink drawings. While not simple to build, it really lends itself to a great scractchbuilding project and has the potential to earn the points I need for an AP Structure. You gotta have one bridge.

Armed with photos and diagrams and Brunk's rough drawings I'll make a set of scale plans that I'll share with you soon. We'll build this to On30 standards and publish the work on my Okefenokee Railroad Blog since I'll probably use it on that railroad.

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