Monday, March 15, 2010

AP Program Mentoring 011 Scott Perry - Building Turnouts

I started today working toward Civil! Yeah, me! Today I ordered the materials I'll need to begin work on my three track items. You can read about it here...

#001 The Great Turnout Project - Civil Engineering

Since I'm taking heavy doses of cold medicine I'm not able to start work, but I did get my ducks in order. Got all the research done, have all the plans, have all the print outs. I reviewed the how-to videos, my own how-to deck (I taught a class in hand laying turnouts so you'd think I'd saved one or two!) and basically did all the planning that is needed. Now I just need to build them.

Shouldn't take too long. I've built tons of turnouts. The three way turnout will be the most interesting.

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