Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wayne Wesolowski’s Sweet & Sour Weathering Solution

While attributed to Wesolowski, it is the invention of Wayne Hume.  The concoction first appeared in Railroad Model Craftsman (Jan 1986).  This is a solution for simulating rest and works fairly well.  I’ve used it on models where metal such as a nut/bolt/washer casting have rusted and have streaked onto the wood below.  You can also use it to highlight nail holes.

Here’s the recipe

  • One pint of white vinegar (5% acidity)
  • Steel wool pad (very fine, no soap, grade #0000)

Cut up the steel wool pad, or tear it up and put it in the vinegar.  Cap the bottle loosely so that it can breath and let it sit for several weeks.  When done the steel wool should be dissolved (you’ll have some in the bottle).

For steel gray wood, just soak the boards in the solution and dry them under a sheet of glass so they don’t warp. 

I’ll make some up sometime and get some photos.

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