Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#004 07 Clear Creek Timber Howe Truss Bridge - Big Bridge!

Ok...confessions of a rubber gauger.  I normally understand the scale that I'm working with at the time, but occasionally I get surprised.  Like today.

I have layouts in HO and On30.  I also build models in S and have friends with N scale layouts.  So I'm always switching back and forth.  Sometimes when I've got a few HO and O scales projects going on at the same time I don't stop to think what size the model is going to turn out to be.

After waiting a few days because I ran out of toner, I finally got to print the O scale Howe Truss Bridge drawing out in full scale.  Crap!  It's huge!  After spending days drawing it I guess I just never really thought about how big this silly thing is.  Its over 16 inches long!  Now, I should have known that, as I drew the damn thing.  But it just never sank in.  Same with ordering the lumber (which I went ahead and did Sunday afternoon.) 

But I'm surprised.  Actually, this bridge will look better in HO.  In O it really will show any slips in the construction.  Also, I can use it.  But I don't want an 85 point bridge!  Double crap.

Oh well...I'll sleep on it.

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