Saturday, March 6, 2010

AP Program Mentoring 003 Scott Perry - The Master Plan

Hey I like that!  We'll call it the Master Plan!  See if this makes sense, Larry...

The Master Plan

Completed Certificates:
  • #1 AP Author (Service to the Hobby)
  • #2 AP Volunteer (Service to the Hobby)

Certificates to Earn:

  • #3 Cars (Railroad Equipment)
  • #4 Structures (Railroad Setting)
  • #5 Scenery (Railroad Setting)
  • #6 Civil (Railroad Construction & Operation)
  • #7 Electrical (Railroad Construction & Operation)

Certificates Not to Work On:
  • #8 Motive Power
  • #9 Official
  • #10 Prototype Modeler

Scenery, Civil and Electrical will all be accomplished while building the Dixie Central layout.  Cars and Structures will be accomplished while building the Okefenokee Railroad layout.

Using Marty McGuirk's idea for a red/yellow/green tracker, I'll list the projects and put them on a shared spreadsheet that my Mentor and I can review and prioritize.

Cool!  Thanks Larry!!!  I'm all over it!

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