Saturday, March 6, 2010

AP Program Mentoring 002 Scott Perry


I have read over over this report and find that you are doing what a lot of others have a tendency to do, shotgun the whole thing. So lets go look at what you should be concentrating on rather then what can I do in all of the certificates.

As you know, maybe you and others don't, there are four areas within the program for you to get certificates. Model Railroad equipment, Settings, Engineering and Operation, and Service to the hobby. You must have one in each category to receive your MMR. Some modelers have a tendency to get top heavy in one category and then end up having to get eight certificates to meet that requirement.

You have already completed the service to the hobby section of the requirements and therefore you should drop the officer certificate from your list.

Equipment: Drop the motive power and concentrate on your cars. The cars are for you railroad and you will gain something out of this that you can use. I didn't know that streetcars ran in the swamps.

Settings: You are well underway for structures so concentrate on that remember only 6 have to be scratch built. Sorry about the Dr's office, you and I need to talk about an easier way of building the walls instead of making a casting.

You should go after scenery if you are working on the Dixie Central. You only have 32 sq ft to complete whereas on yours you will have 64 sq ft.


Do both civil and electrical at the same time and do them on the Dixie Central. With your skills and background you should have these knocked out quickly. With the new daughter coming you should be able to build you turnouts etc when you are up with her until she gets into her routine and starts sleeping all night, lol.

So there you have it. Your plan for MMR Concentrate on these 5 certificates only.

Larry Smith MMR

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