Thursday, April 1, 2010

#007 07 Clear Creek Timber Howe Truss Bridge - All Hands on Deck!

I.  Draw the deck.  This should be quick.  After the trusses and the base are assembled the next thing will be to add the deck.  This includes the outriggers, but not the track crossties.  We'll start by using Drawing #2.  The first thing is to remove all the underside timber and rods.  We won't need to see them.

All I really did is make one cross member with screws and duplicate it.  This prototype does NOT have equally laid timbers, so I did it by eye and not by measurement to give it some variety.  Then I drew in the three outrigger assemblies.  Done!

J. Draw the trackage.  We need three things here; the runners underneath, the crossties and the rail.  We'll make this one n30 gauge instead of n3 like the prototype so that we can use it on the layout.  This should be quick, too.

There!  All the drawings are done.  I'll print them off and check them thoroughly.  Still need to add some materials on this last one.  Probably a few other tweaks, but its getting late.

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