Sunday, December 15, 2013

078 The Navajo Mining Railway - More Roadbed and the Curve

Ok, now the REAL trackwork comes.  Time to put in the curve and the elevations.  This will be more challenging than just flat track.

I place the cookie cutter roadbed on the layout and test fit it again.  Using just my hands I move the grades up and down and test them, watching for the boards to "rack" or twist.  The grades are easy, with the inside track going down one inch to the base plate in the back which is at 0 elevation, same as the hidden track.  The outer curve goes up 3", and the flat board on the right will be 1" of elevation.  Looks like it will fit well.

This gap will have to be spanned with a slab of plywood, and a mounting block will need to be installed on the left side.

This is where the #5 left hand turnout will go, with the "normal" straight track going off to meet the hidden yard.  This will be mounted to the frame and is the zero elevation.  All elevations will reference to this zero point elevation.

The upper level may need to go on first, but I'm not sure.  Better to stop here and go think about it, and come back later.  Mistakes here can be costly.

Before I get too far with the roadbed, I better go change my HO plan to an On30 plan!  We'll do that next.


1.  Carefully plan your work.  It will reduce mistakes.
2.  Don't let planning become a hobby in itself.  You can waste time overplanning.
3.  Just because you plan something carefully doesn't mean it will work.  You can't draw everything.

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