Tuesday, December 3, 2013

066 The Augusta Railway - Track Standards

I'm trying to figure out what size cross ties I'll use for hand laying the railroad.  There are a lot of options for On30.

Fasttracks uses a 6' long x 7" wide by 5" high tie.

Kappler has a 6' and a 6'6" tie.  I've got a bag full of 6'6" ties I think.

I've got a bucket full of ties that are Micro Engineering track size that Bob Wheeler cut for me from window blinds.  I've got to spike one before I try them as they may splinter.

To me, Peco ties are way to short and fat, ME ties are way to narrow and at 5' 9" length.

Other modelers use 1/8" stock and cut them at 6' 6".


I have a saw.  Could cut my own from any source and make them any size I want.

I love the hewn ties with pointed ends like a beaver would build, but manufacturing these would take more time than I care to spend.  Guess I just need to experiment and look through books to see what looks right.

The only reason I post this kind of stuff:

1.  To demonstrate the thought process and analysis steps I go through when figuring out how to model something.
2.  To document what I've done for future reference for me and others
3.  To point out that in On30 it really doesn't make a damn bit of difference what size I use as it will be buried under dirt anyway.

More to come.


1.  Document your work
2.  Set a standard and stick with it
3.  Rivet counting is a waste of time and energy most of the time.

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