Thursday, December 12, 2013

075 The Navajo Mining Railway - It's Alive! It's Alive! First Trains Run on the NMRR!

Today we make history!  Click on the links below to see On30 in action on the hidden staging track!  I'm so excited!

The engine can't run past the turnouts because the frogs aren't powered yet, but we'll fix that soon enough!

There are some bumps and rough spots in the track, so we'll work on them another time.


1.  Nothing is more satisfying and exciting than running your first train on your layout!
2.  Don't let that excitement get you in a hurry.  You could get sloppy with your trackwork and have a poor running railroad.
3.  During the test phase, take the time to put bumpers on the ends of tracks so the trains don't accidentally fall to the floor.

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