Friday, December 20, 2013

The 10 Rules of Modeling

I stumbled across this on Keiran's website in Australia...and thought it quite brilliant.  He's given me the permission to share it.  Keiran makes models for sale and his website is below.

Keiran Ryan's  10 Rules of Modeling

1. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

2. "KISS", Keep It Simple Stupid.

3. The only limitation is your imagination.

4. You won't know if you can achieve something until somebody tells you that you can't - Don't listen to them.

5. If at first you don't succeed, give it another go - After all, you never fail at what you do, you just achieve a different outcome.

6. Don't build 10 similar items: instead, take the time to build one perfect item, and cast thousands of them.

7. Always keep your mind open to new ideas, then build on them.

8. Strive for perfection, then improve on it.

9. Don't be scared to rebuild a model you thought was perfect, because your idea of perfect will change as your skills improve.

10. As a modeler, your basic aim should always be to improve both your standards and your skills.


I love his philosophy, and it is very similar to my own.  There are some things I'd add...

1.  Don't strive for perfection, as you are sure to be disappointed.  Strive for "better than last time."

2.  If you aren't happy with what you have built, throw it out and start over.  Short term pain, but long term gain.

3.  Share what you learn with others, as this is a journeyman's hobby.

4.  Dare to do something never done before.

5.  Don't do something one way just because others have done it that way.  Strive to be different and to invent new methods.

What are your additions?  Please post them as a comment for all to see!


  1. Hi
    can you still buy the calibre cutter? If yes let me know where.
    I have also seen posts about an alternative called the precision angle cutter from Kettle Valley trains, but cant find them any longer.
    Melbourne, Australia

    1. You can no longer get the Caliber Cutter...and the Precision Angle Cutter, as well as the Shay...all gone. I've actually spoken to the owners of the companies about buying the rights and producing them, but I understand a friend of mine may make them. Stand the blog...and I'll keep you updated on a new cutter. They really are fantastic!


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