Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve - and All is Well!

We're are very busy today at the Perry household...too busy for trains.  I did have breakfast with Santa Clause and  my children.  I asked him for some new tools and some O scale items that I want.

He asked be if I have been good.

...oh well.  Guess I have to  buy my own presents.

I've had lots of well wishes from my model train friends...and thank you!  Someone sent me two boxes of Q-tips without a note, so I'm not sure who they are from.  Thank you Mystery Santa!  I'll use them well.

You guys be safe and enjoy the holiday.  Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

After Christmas we've got a lot of work to do here on the Navajo Mining Railway!  Some of the work entails:

  • Laying track
  • Installing roadbed
  • Building the depot
  • Building the vent fan system for the air brush cabinet
  • Building the ore car master

...and lots, lots more!  2014 is going to be a great year!

Merry Christmas!

Scott Perry and Family - Marie, Taylor, Katie and Lolly the Hamster

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