Wednesday, December 4, 2013

079 The Navajo Mining Railway - Redesign to new On30 Mining Layout

Let's make the change from the HO Augusta Railway to the new On30 Navajo Mining Railway!

First, we better change the title, scale and date.  We'll want to save it as the Navajo, but we'll keep the numbering system going.

Many of the structures have to be changed, but we'll use some of them for other things, so we'll either erase them or move them.

Let's also get rid of any text we don't need.

The real change happens here where the old cow pens were.  Now we are going to have a multi-level uranium processing plant!  Picture a big ore crushing operation, then some leaching piles, a condensing operation and a place to load finished product on the rails.  Now coat it in rust, dirt scrap metal and chemical run off!  Man, I love On30!

This is about the only place the track will change.  The three way turnout won't work well here, so we'll put in two tracks instead.  The track up top will be the pile loading area where we load up the leached ore for removal.  The lower track is the warehouse loading track.

We'll need a crusher, a condenser and a warehouse, so we'll reuse the old building and possibly change their size.

Ok, ore crusher up top with a sulfuric acid tank and piping.  Rust!  Then the small leaching heaps and the trough for collecting the effluent below.  We'll combine the condensing and shipping operations into one building and add a powerhouse and smoke stack on to the structure.  I'll work these more in detail as I work on the scenery in that area and get better measurements.

On the old cotton mill side, we now have a rock mountain with four mines, one being abandoned.  Mine #4 is up high and loads with a chute.  We'll detail these more later.

There!  That gives me a good idea of what to build.

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