Thursday, December 19, 2013

083 The Navajo Mining Railway - A Little Christmas Shopping

I got the opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping.  Let's see what I got!

For Black Friday, my wife and I treated ourselves to a new color laser printer.  The photos I usually use are printed low quality and on cheap paper.  They look great!  Our old one is leaking toner and is getting pink on everything.

From our kitchen, two small cans that contained green peas.  These are handy for holding parts, especially for the airbrush cabinet I'm about to crank up.

From the Train Shoppe, a code 83 Peco wye for the back side of the layout going into hidden staging.  Hopefully I'll mount it this weekend.

Christmas card boxes with clear lids.  I'll use these!

I went by the dollar store.  Got four new metal project pans for $4.  I'm throwing away all my old project pans that have glue and paint on them for these shiny new ones.  What I'll do is keep all the components of a kit or casting project on them so that I can move then easily on and off the workbench.

Make up sponges.  While is was funny having the 6'2", 250 lb male in the cosmetics aisle with all the ladies laughing at me...I did find them.  Told them I was a cross dresser on Mondays.

Small containers.  The dollar store is a great place to find small containers.  I use them constantly, and damage them with paint or glue frequently.

These can hold parts, or screws or minature people which is probably what I'll use them for.

You ALWAYS need emory boards, daddy!  My very sick little girl (croup) was staying with me this morning in the shop.

Here is a box for wood scraps that I'll use in the Christmas card box.

For making "greenies" or figure sculpting I use this blue/yellow epoxy material.  I got it out for some sculpting in the next few weeks.

And the granddaddy of all fun tools!  I have FINALLY gotten my own Calibre Cutter.  These have been off the market for years and are VERY expensive.  They are similar to the NWSL chopper, except they slice instead of chop.  Big difference!

The sawing swing of the blade cuts like a knife with less deflection, much like a chef's knife.  This makes a much more precise cut.

That's all for this morning!


  1. Where did you find a Calibre Cutter, been looking for one.

    1. Unfortunately you can't buy them any more. They have been long out of production. I got this one from a friend. I have been kicking around the idea of manufacturing them again myself. Stay tuned.

  2. I keep seeing a lot of serious scratchbuilders with a tool like this. The slight angled cut that comes off a chopper can become annoying and I certainly wouldn't mind something like this. I've actually been tinkering around on and off with building one as well. I found some of the raw parts can be purchased at woodworkers stores, sold as parts for woodworkers to make their own jigs (in particular things that are fence-like). My CNC machine is up and running again so I might give it a serious shot sometime in 2014.

  3. The device is not that complicated to the eye, but very complicated to get square and true. The Caliber is way over the top...more like a surgical tool. The Shay Miter is much more like what we need in the hobby. It is well worth the effort to get your hands on one if you can...and should one come available, I'll give you a shout. The deflection is much less on the blade and you can cut much thicker stock.


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