Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 6 of 180 Days of A/P Cars - Encouragement

Its a very good thing to have the Region A/P Chairmen living in your neighborhood.  Especially when he's a good guy who likes to help.  Without any request he sent me a present today.  It was his entire folder on his A/P Cars project.  It contained pictures of all the cars, his presentation for judging and the comments/score sheets.  Everything that I wanted to see!

What he really sent it to me for was to show me that a plain flat car can score over 87.5 points.  Try 109 points and without a load!  I was amazed.  As soon as I got home I printed out the files and started to study them.  I have a scratch built flat car that I built many years ago that is beyond repair, and they are similar, and both are built in S scale, so I compared my construction to his.

When I compared the scores here's how they looked...

Construction - Mine 20 - His 35 - difference 15 points
Detail - Mine 10 - His 16 - difference 6 points
Conformity - Mine 20 - His 25 - difference 5 points
Finish/Lettering - Mine 17 - His 20 - difference 3 points
Scratch Built - Mine 12 - His 13 - difference 1 points
Total Points - Mine 79 - His 109 - difference 30 points

Looks like maybe I scored myself a little low on construction, and he scored a little high.  It was a very nice model, don't get me wrong.  But the grid is scaled across the top for Simple Model to Very Complex.  The best that I'd ever give a wooden flat car is Somewhat Complex.  His was an Outstanding Model so if we look at the intersection of Somewhat Complex and Outstanding you get a score of 25.  My model to me is only Somewhat Complex and Very Good, for a 20. 

So maybe I'm a little hard on myself or am showing a lack of confidence.  If I take that into consideration, I'll rescore it as...

Construction - Mine 30
Detail - Mine 11
Conformity - Mine 22
Finish/Lettering - Mine 18
Scratch Built - Mine 13
Total Points - Mine 94 - a score that is 6.5 points over 87.5 and within the 5 point error factor.

I can live with this!  And I'm going to add a load to it, so that could add some points.

Thanks Mark for sharing your scores with me.  I'm going to start construction this weekend.  I've already got the plans, I just forgot that I had them. 

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