Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 28 of 180 Days of A/P Cars - #1 Flat Car- New Tilt Arbor Table Saw Part 2

Before I can cut, I need to mount the saw to a firm base.  The saw only weighs a few pounds and is in a plastic shell.  It slides VERY easily, so it must be locked down.  The instructions recommend mounting it to a base so we'll do that.

 I used a pine board that was just the right size width wise.

 The board was cut on a table saw and checked for fit.  Looks good!

 The instructions provide a drilling diagram and recommend using flat head machine screws #10 32 1 1/4".  I decided to countersink the screws so I used 3/4" screws.

WARNING:  The drilling diagram is not accurate!  Please make your own template by putting a piece of paper over the bottom of the saw and marking the holes.

 I taped the defective template to the wood, and was in such a hurry to get my saw going that I didn't bother to see if the template was correct.   Needless to say I drilled the holes incorrectly.
 After drilling the board with 7/32" drills and countersinking with a 3/8" bit, I discovered that the template was considerably incorrect.  I made my own template with the same paper and redrilled the holes.  They fit much better.

 The saw is now mounted on the pine board.

 Using two heavy duty clamps I secured the saw to the table and grabbed a power cord and safety glasses.  Time to make some sawdust!

 I installed the fence to the left of the blade as I usually cut left handed (I'm ambidextrous) and checked it for being parallel to the blade.  Spot on!

 I turned the saw off to take this picture.  Several boards were ripped from this larger plank.  After checking the measurement of the cuts down the length of the board I found them to be very accurate.  I can see now that I'm going to need some special push sticks and featherboards for very fine board cutting.  The sawdust is a really fine powder and gets all over everything.  Dust mask and vacuum are essential.
Here you can see the 60 tooth blade cutting the basswood.  I was amazed at how quiet the saw is and how precise the cut was.  I love this saw!  But it will take some time to master.  Everyone says its just like a big saw, but I beg to differ.

I believe I can cut with it well enough that I can make the boards I need for the cars.

My friend Mark Evans said he finished his cars for A/P Cars in six month.  Oh crap....180 days may not be near enough.  I saw his models!

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