Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sippin' Swamp Diorama - Part 10 - Dominoes

One thing that I know not to do is to model when I'm tired and need sleep.  Of course, I know I need to eat right and exercise and I don't do that either.

 I checked the strength of the pilings to make sure they were strong.  Yup!  Good shape.  So let's sand them flat.  I've done this many times and am a professional.

 Using a sanding block I gently, very gently sand the tops of the ties level....

 That's gently, stupid!  Crap.  They fell like dominoes. 

 I keep a notepad by the desk all the times.  I made a note to buy some Ailene's Tacky Glue, which is a little stronger than Elmer's.  I ran out.

 Using full strength Elmer's I glued them all back again.  A couple are not level, but we'll fix that later.

All the dominoes are stacked up again!

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  1. Do you show how you mounted the rails onto the ties anywhere? I have never tried to hand lay rail and all the links I see show it being laid onto the ground and/or pre-curved rails being used. This little swamp scene will fit well on my layout, but I'm fearful of all those ties splitting when I try to put in a spike! Sonny L


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