Monday, January 24, 2011

Product Review - DVD Scratchbuilding Techniques with Brian Nolan

Building Craftsman Structure Kits Vol 4 - Scratchbuilding Techniques with Brian Nolan

Brian Nolan's work is just breathtaking, so I had to buy this DVD.  I've gotta say this is one of Scotty Mason's better efforts.  There is a lot of meat in this one!  Brian comes across great on the screen.  What I really love is that he presents techniques so different than what I use today!  I just feel like I have to sit at the workbench and play with them.

His shingle work is excellent and I intend to use it soon.  Brian really masters the Dr. Ben's Pigments and his rust work makes me envious.  He lays it all out step by step, and then shows you a finished model at the end of the DVD showing all the nice work put together in one structure

If you build structures or want to produce really nice competition models, you need this DVD.  I've already asked my wife to head to the bead store for a beading tool.  If for nothing else buy the DVD to watch the detail shots of some of his models at the end.  You'll learn something from this one!

You can order from Darryl Huffman and it costs $30.00.   Darryl is a much trusted supplier and you will always get your order quickly and painlessly.  Four stars for this one.

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  1. Scott,

    Thanks for the review! I bought the last DVD you endorsed and it was great. I'll pick this one up also.



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