Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Chairs for the Shop

The most important part of me is my butt.  When coworkers aren't riding it or chewing it out, it likes to sit at the workbench.  So the chair is a very important tool and requires some consideration.  My local Staples store send me a coupon for 20% of furniture on New Year's Day, so I thought it was time to take my butt to the store and buy it something it would be comfortable on.

I looked at a lot of chairs and really liked this one.  It was originally $89, but was on sale for $49.  Actually the sale price was supposed to have ended the day before but they gave me the good price anyone.  Then we took 20% off of that.  So for $79 I got two great chairs!

 What's up with this?  I go to cut open the box and it says don't use a knife.  But it is covered in tape!  What I'm I supposed to do?  Soak it in water?  Screw it...where's my #1 knife?

 I"m on baby duty today so I've got the baby monitor with me.  It is nothing but a nursery mounted camera and a remote hand held video monitor.  There has got to be a way to use this for trains!  I love that I can hear and see whatever is being monitored.  More thinking on this I must do.

 I unpacked all the parts, which weren't many.

 In about seven minutes I had a new chair.  So here are the reasons that I picked this particular one. 

  1. I'm big.  6'2" and 280 lbs.  I need something that will hold me up.  The base has five castors and is very strong and stable.
  2. Since I'm tall the chair has to stretch up.  You want your upper leg horizontal and parallel to floor for comfort.  Otherwise your feet will hurt.
  3. The basement can get hot when Marie turns the fireplace on, so I wanted the back of the chair to be vented.  I like the mesh backed chairs for this reason.  Vinyl backs can get very hot.
  4. No arms.  The arms just get in the way when you are working on models, so this "task chair" is arm free.
  5. Padding.  I can sit at the desk for up to four hours on a weekend so I need booty comfort.  This is a cloth bottom (cooler) and very well padded.
 After fifteen minutes I have two chairs, one for each desk.  They are quite comfortable and spin nicely!

 Goodbye old chair!  This chair has been in the family for three generations.  I used it in my room to build my very first models.  It is strong and not very comfortable or adjustable.  I'll put it away for the children.

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