Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bull Chute Part 4

The uprights are good and dry, so let's keep building.  This is a fun little project!  I hope the Division enjoys the clinic.

First, let's install the ramp supports.  They should be angled back toward the back. 
This is actually harder to do than it looks.

Each of the three largest uprights has two ramp cross beams to support it.  Using the drawing I lay the upright next to its counterpart on and place the front support.  This support is higher than the rear support.

Then I flip it over and put on the lower support.  Normally I'd have made a separate CAD drawing to do this step, but I want to keep with the plan for the clinic.

Here I put the front support on the front upright.

Next we'll add the cross brace on the front upright as shown on the drawing.

Here they are; four uprights with cross supports.

Using just a very small dab of glue I glued each of the uprights in place, per the drawing.

Next I installed the three ramp supports.  You can start to see the shape now!

This time I'm putting the walkway boards on before the runners.  I'll put about a 1/2" of glue on the three runners, then install the walkway boards one at a time.  You might could use some masking tape and install the boards all at once, but doing it this way gives it character.

I love my tweezers!  Each board is dropped into place and then nudged by the tweezers to fit.

There!  Thirty boards.  Notice the different colors of wood boards. That is because I stained each wood strip separately.

The side braces come next.  With more glue in the pot I dip the part (holding it with the tweezers) in the glue and put into place.  Put the long cut in place first, then push the other end of the board down to the base board.

There!  The first one is in place.

This side is done.  Notice that there is some leaning on a few of the boards.  We'll cure this with the runners.

Now we add the runners.  First, let's add the top board.  We aren't using the drawing because it has five boards and we're only using four.  Follow the drawing as a guide. 

Than add each following board by eye.  I used a toothpick to keep the boards aligned.

When you have one side done, just complete the other side.

Yeah!  She's all built!

The final step is to add one last coat of weathering to unify the model and cover up any cut marks that were not previously stained.

Front view!
Side view!

There!  We're done with the Bull Chute...but there is MORE TO COME!

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