Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bull Chute Part 3

We aren't this far along yet, but I thought I'd show you an overhead shot of the first Bull Chute that I made so that you can see how it goes together.

The ramp is not perfect but really represents how beat up something like this can get.  There are 29 boards on the walk way here, but we may need one extra, so we'll cut thirty.

Using the razor blade I cut out one walkway board as close to perfect as I can.

Trying to cut 30 boards perfectly is a chore, so when you need perfection and repetitive cuts you use a jig.
We'll need some glue...
And some scrap 8x8 lumber...
This is a cutting jig.  You need to small boards to hold the board to be cut in place, and then a stop board that limits the length of the board.  You space the two small boards the proper distance from the stop board.

With the jig you push the board to be cut until it hits the stop board, and then make the cut as shown here.  While it takes a few minutes to make a jig, you are amply rewarded by more precise repetitive cuts. 
Using the 8x8 boards, we need three ramp supports. 

Each ramp support has a tapered edge.  We'll need to trim that away and stain it later.

There is also a flat spot on the top of the ramp, so we'll cut that too.

Three ramp supports.

Now we can begin construction.  First, we'll put together the uprights.  There are four upright assemblies, each smaller than the first.  They include a base and two upright sides.  I assemble them with white glue on the drawing itself.

To speed up the process I make the second one in the mirror image of the first one while it dries.

We'll need three ramp supports so I cut them out of 8x8 stock while the uprights are drying.

These ramp supports have an angle cut on the top that matches the pitch of the ramp.

The uprights are removed from the drawing and continue to dry.

The uprights are ready!  See you tomorrow!

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