Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bull Chute Part 5

Some people don't have the ability to see things as they would look on the layout.  So I'm going to put together a little display to show them what this model might look like on the layout.

 The camera is getting blurry again.  I need some better lighting.

 First I start with a small plaque that is stained.  I keep these around for just this purpose.  Then I trimmed and glued a portion of HO track to the base.

 A good coat of Floquil Aerosol Reefer Brown was applied to the track.

 Using weathering pigments from Dr. Ben's Scale Consortium I put a good coating of rust on the rails and tie plates.
 Next I glued the bull chute to the base and added dark ballast underneath the model.  Around the model I added a base mixture of green and brown ballast.  This is just to get us started.

I ballasted the track with fine gray ballast and soaked it in wet thinned white glue.  We'll put it aside and let it dry overnight, then add the vegetation.

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