Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clean Up and Install Night

Armed with a baloney sandwich (you are what you eat) and a Canada Dry Ginger Ale on ice (my favorite) we head to the shop for some maintenance.

 The wife likes to throw things in my shop, whether or not they belong there.  I took several framed pictures out and piled them on her desk with a nasty note.  This plaque I'll keep.  Dave Muller was my friend and mentor.  He taught me how to build.  I have never been happier that to win this award that honors his name.  We'll find a wall spot for it.

 You've seen that I've been reviewing a lot of DVD's lately.  I better get this DVD player installed.  It is very compact and will fit nicely.

 Trash!  This shop needs a three yard container!  I dump out trash almost every week.  Time for a bigger can.

 There!  The DVD player is snug above the TV where I can easily load the discs.

Testing works fine!  Now to sit back and watch a DVD while I do some more cleaning!

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