Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to Fry's

Fry's Electronics store is dangerous for model railroaders. I strongly encourage a list. Actually I went last week, but I'm just now getting around to posting it. There is a running list of sundries that I keep on line and when I go to the store I just call it up on the Blackberry and buy what I need.

Several times I've gone looking for cable ties. For $9 I got a whole assortment. These will go in the electronics workbench area.

The super sized pencil sharpen that I bought at Home Depot didn't work very well, so I got this for free using Coupon Queen Marie and a trip to CVS Pharmacy.

Solder wick is used to remove solder from delicate areas, like circuit boards. You just hold it to the area to remove solder and heat it with the tip of an iron and the solder creeps into the "threads". Very cool. Fry's at $3.

Getting real lead solder is getting harder and harder. I found this and bought it at Fry's for $9. You can never have enough solder.

I've always used black shrink tubing until the DCC clinic when Ovidiu introduced me to clear shrink tube. With this you can see the bond between the wires you soldered together. Excellent! I just had to have some. $1.09 at Fry's.

I bought a few other loose items, but these were the more unusual. Have a great weekend!

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