Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cleaning Up the Shop

I'm kind of tired today and its raining, so I think I'll just clean up the shop. The guys are coming over FridayI carried this quart of Eggshell paint down stairs. Marie got if for me for free on line at the Glidden site. Apparently they will send you a quart of pain for free, shipping included!

The back to school sales are running rampant, so I bought two of these quadrille notebooks for $0.50 each. Great deal. I use them for making sketches.

Also snagged for the basement were too large storage jars.

The workbench is a disaster, the victim of three work nights. Better clean it up first.

The nut and bolt assortment is always handy around the house. I'll put it back where it goes underneath the bench.

The drills are all out of power, so I'll put the batteries in the charger and put the drill bits back in their holders.

We've been using the drill press, so I'll vacuum it and give it a coat of WD-40.

This little 2 gallon shop vac is light and portable. Perfect for sucking up sawdust.

There! The drill press is clean again.

...and all the drills are in place and charged. Tape measures, bits and other tools are organized in the same place every time so that my team can find them easily. They know when the come over that they can grab a tape measure and a fully charged drill. And a cup of fresh coffee.

Much better!
The executive boardroom is suffering from dust and clutter. This is where we go over plans and sit down to make things.

The dust was worse than I thought, so I removed everything and gave it a good sweeping. One of these days this will be a finished crew room and bar.

All the trash and scrap lumber has been removed and everything is nice and tidy. is bigger now.

We won't be sawing much any more, so I better clean up the saw corner as well.

I thoroughly blew off and vacuumed the Dewalt cut off saw and the vacuum system. Now to tend to the floor. I didn't take a picture of it when it was done, but it was all clean and neat.

The shop is a bigger mess. I forgot to clean up the coffee from last train night. Also, I had been cleaning and reorganizing my scenery bins, so there is misc scenery stuff everywhere.

The guys love coffee, but it sure is messy. There is always a coffee spill. I cleaned out the coffee pot thoroughly.

Note to self: buy some more hobby knives. For some reason I keep losing them!

There! Much better. Now I can see my electronics workbench.

The main assembly bench was even worse than this because I forgot to take a picture. Lots of project remnants.
Flash! All clean. Trash can is now full and all the tools are back in the draws.

I picked up the floor, too.

I bought some cable ties the other day and they need a place in the electronics bench. There are still some open drawers, so we'll use a big one.

I won't need all of these, so I'll put an assortment in the drawer and put the rest in back up storage somewhere in a cabinet.

There! Now we need a label on the drawer so we know what is in it.

I use this handy (and expensive) labeling computer. Its nice, but not cheap.

There! Now we know what is in it.
I better label the drawer above it as well.

I cleaned up the main assembly workbench. It was covered with wood.

The metalworking bench is a wreck. I found a bunch of things in the basement that belonged in the shop, so we'll have to put these away.

Zoom! All clean. This all took about an hour. Well worth it. Mainly so that my team can find what they need when they need it.

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