Monday, July 13, 2009

Store List Keeps Getting Bigger

My shopping list keeps getting bigger. The A, B, C is the priority list. This is actually on a spreadsheet that is shared on line.

A Dremel 1100-01 Stylus w/ Cordless Rotary Tool with Docking Station $69.99 Amazon
A Dremel 4486 Dremel Chuck $4.56 Amazon
A Sanding sponges - fine to coarse $30.00 Harbor Freight
A Ambroid Secur-It adhesive $8.00 Hobby Lobby
A Labelle 107 1/2 fl. oz. Multi-Purpose Oil Medium ydftdgfterty $6.95 Hobby Shop
A Adjustable roller guides for sawing (x2) flogt $50.00 Home Depot
A Locomotive Cradle - SOFT TOUCH CRADLE 80784 $13.00 Micro Mark
A Paper clips - all sizes $0.00 Office
A 2 oz. Non-Spill Rosin Soldering Paste Flux
Model: 64-022 | Catalog #: 64-022 $6.59 Radio Shack
A Floquil SP Lark Dark Grey Paint $3.00 Trainmaster
A Grandt Line HO Scale Window Grab Bag Assortment $21.00 Trainmaster
A Paasche VLN 1, 3 and 5 needles $10.00 Trainmaster
A PL Prfessional Wood Filler $5.00 Home Depot
A Hobby knives - sevral $10.00 Anywhere
B Bannana clip leads set $10.00 Fry's
B Digital gram scale $70.00 Fryes
B Small anvil $5.00 Harbor Freight
B Small bench grinder (hobby size) $20.00 Harbor Freight
B Pipe cleaners, assorted sizes $5.00 Hobby Lobby
B 6" Hose and hose mount for air brush cabinet $15.00 Home Depot
B 8-Piece High Speed Steel Forstner Drill Bit Set $20.00 Home Depot
B DCC Decoder Tester $20.00 Loys Toys
B Multi drawer storage unit, large, any size x2 $40.00 target
B Multi drawer storage unit, short, fit under electrical bench $15.00 Target/Walmart
B RRampMeter Circuit Module $49.95 Tony's Train Exchange
B Padded stools for shop with back support x2 $100.00
C DHDP - Dummy 9 Pin Plug for Analog Operation $15.00 Digitrax
C Embossing heat gun $15.00 Hobby Lobby
C Labelle set of lubricants $50.00 Hobby Shop
C Dremel wall mounted bit assortment $60.00 Home Depot
C Plumbing and trap for shop sink $40.00 Home Depot
C Loco/car wieghts $10.00 Micro Mark
C Model Maker's T pins (wig pins) 14318 $3.60 Micromark
C Vacuum Desoldering Tool Model: 64-2098 $9.00 Radio Shack
C Kapton tape for electronics $9.00 Uline
C Pana vise with base, 360 mount, soft jaws $50.00
D Networked Computer $300.00

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