Monday, July 13, 2009

Bob's Photos From July 3rd, 2009

Here are some photos from Glue Bob's house on July 3rd.

Here we have rigged up the backdrop and used newsprint to mock up the scenery in Swas Junction.

The Reverend Rick is pontificating on something while the rest of us work on the foam scenery. Too much coffee! Packrat Paul is in the back surveying the height of the backdrop. Looks about right.

The brown splotches are where rocks will go. The trees are sitting there to gauge the height of the backdrop.

Rick actually does something! I think he's stirring his coffee. Meanwhile the rest of us tear masking tape and pack in the paper.

This is the foam section, which has had some sculpting.

The brat pack. Rick, Scott, Paul and Bob. Halina took the photo....

There is method in the mess! Be patient, because out of this pink foam nightmare will come a spectacular layout!

Thanks for the pix, Bob!

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