Friday, July 17, 2009

Let There Be Light! Installing Drop Ceiling Lights

Damn, its hot today in Georgia! I have the afternoon off so about 1:30 I packed up the computer and headed over to Lowe's to buy supplies for tonight's train session.

For $268.53 I got what I think I need. Normally I would never buy this much without some kind of coupon, but there were none to be had and I needed to get this done.

I bought five 4 lamp T-8 troffer lights for drop ceilings. These were the cheaper version, but they do have replaceable ballasts. I bought a case of cheap T-8 bulbs and later when I need the better quality lamps for scenery work I'll replace them. I also bought some drop ceiling handging wire and some lag eye bolts for the lights, along with five one-gang electrical boxes. I've already got a case of wire and the switch is installed.

On the work board for tonight:

  • Light installation
  • Install the top board on the gurney
  • Look at installation of the a/c ducts
  • Build the retrun loop (outside of the train room.

Hope you can make it!


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