Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos From Bob's House Last Friday

I forgot my camera when I went over to Glue Bob's house, so he sent me some pictures for the blog.

Here is the backdrop, made out of Masonite. Both sides are painted because here in Georgia the humidity will ruin Masonite if you don't treat it. The split end goes to the wall.

Bob took a small board and shaped it to be the rounded edge of the backdrop.

Coalfinger Ken and Gator apply plaster cloth to the foam scenery. Ken just likes making a mess.

Here we have completed the plaster work and Scott is filling in some holes.

Scott and Bob are holding rock molds in place while the plaster cures.

Here Scott has a rock mold filled with hydrocal plaster, Rit black liquid dye and a spot of alcohol. This rock cut will look great as the locomotive passes by!

Scot and Ken wait for the mold to pop off. Looking good!

There! The first bits of scenery have arrived on the ONR.

Here is a close up of the mounted backdrop.

Thanks Bob for the photos!

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