Saturday, March 11, 2017

Train Show Treasures!

Let's go shopping at the train show!   I picked these up at the Asheville (Fletcher) NC show...

I got this for $55.  The parts of the refinery including the stacks will be used on the chemical plant.  I was happy to find this!  Well, actually Alan Hardee found it for me.  Thanks Alan!

The steal of the century!  This long out of production circa 1978 is priceless.  I've seen them listed for $399 if (big if) you can find them.  It is a double band saw mill with all the interior detail.  The kit weighs about 5 lbs!  I've always wanted one of these big mills.  Price?  $26.  Somebody pick up Pat Turner...he just fainted.

My buddy Rick Beam provided these two much needed bottles of Tenax 7R that I needed.  Normally I make my own formula, but I don't have the safe space in my apartment to store a gallon.  Thanks Rick

I actually bought this on line.  It is a very generalized book of On30 rolling stock plans.  Its ok, but it could have been a lot better.  I may build the stock car.

What did you buy lately???

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