Tuesday, March 21, 2017

012 The Smart Industry X-Change System (SIXS) - Pictures of the Chemical Plant

I had a chance this morning to sneak up to the chemical plant and take photos.  This is Sunday so it should be asleep with fewer people running around.  Still, I stayed in my car and kept moving.  The photos aren't the best because of the morning sun and my driving with the camera out the window, but they are for detail purposes only.  I'll post the good ones here.

Check this crazy building out.  I've been by here a million times and have never noticed it.  Its built out of sharp rocks!  Very unique.  To weird to put on the model though.  I try to stay away from crazy/odd/strange structures because they don't look realistic on a layout, even though they are!

And all the people said "Thank the Lord for the telephoto lens!"  I love this shot.

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