Friday, March 3, 2017

006 The Smart Industry X-Change System (SIXS) - Finish the Benchwork

Its Saturday, so today we finish the benchwork.  Yeah I know the post date isn't Saturday, and in fact its about a four days later.  Usually I post blogs about a week in advance, but I'm behind schedule.  That way I can make additions or corrections as I think of them.  Now, to the benchwork!

I made a quick stop at Lowe's and bought a 2 foot long level and a speed square.  At home in Utah I have several of each of these, but I need them now.

The long winter Sun blasted through the shades as I sized up the job at hand.  The legs need to be mounted, the braces need to be installed and everything needs to be leveled and squared up.  Oh, and with the least amount of dust and damage to my bedroom as possible!

The first thing I did was to check the large frame.  I'll be damned, it is level and square within the foot adjustments.  Boy did I get lucky.

Next I bored two 3/8" mounting holes through the two benchwork pieces so that I can mount them together.  Using a 3/8" bolt, two stainless plate washers and two wing nuts, I bolted the two modules together.

I spend a little more and get stainless steel hardware.  This makes it last longer and keeps the threads clean.

I put the section on top of the sidekick benchwork and got a reading on the level.  I loosened the front leg and made some adjustments.  Then I checked the vertical measurements on the leg and straightened it.  Once in place I drilled the screws down in place.

Next I added a sway brace to the frame and the leg.  On the leg I used a gusset.  Again I checked the level (actually I check it through the whole process constantly) and make sure we are good.

I repeated the  process on the other side and then added the cross bracing.  One last time I check the level and the angles, and we are good!

The next step is to mount the adjustable feet.  So why don't I mount them when the legs are first cut?  Good question.  Sometimes I make the layout too high.  Other times I need a bigger foot.  I've found it best just to wait and see how level the benchwork is and to see if major adjustments are needed such as cutting an inch off somewhere.  Always best to do it last..

I drilled a 3/8" hole about 1 inch into the wood after marking the center of the board.  I use a good size drop of ACC to lock the foot intoplace and screw it in so it is exactly half way in/out.

Once all are mounted and set, we can flip it back over.

The carpet was heavily vacuumed to remove any dust. I'm trying to keep it as clean and dust free as possible.  I bolted the two pieces back together and pushed them back into the corner.  The level says she's true!

I put the module sections back on top of the benchwork and everything fits fine.  Notice on the right side of the benchwork I've chopped off the corner.  I'm sure my neighbors are puzzled at the sound of a circular saw, but I try not to do it at midnight anymore.  I mean, I hate bugging the police late at night.

Another run of the vacuum cleaner and we are done!  The next step will be to mount the top onto the sections.

Yes you CAN build a layout anywhere.  So please don't use that excuse with me as it won't fly.  Now start building your own!!!!  Good luck!  I'm having a lot of fun.  Are you?

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